how to use permatex adhesive sealant on windshield


The Importance of Using Permatex Adhesive Sealant on Windshields


Having a strong and secure windshield is crucial for the safety and functionality of any vehicle. Windshields not only protect the driver and passengers from external elements but also provide structural support to the overall car structure. One effective way to ensure the windshield's durability and longevity is by using Permatex adhesive sealant. In this article, we will explore the significance of using Permatex adhesive sealant on windshields, how to apply it correctly, and its benefits.

What Is Permatex Adhesive Sealant?

Permatex adhesive sealant is a high-quality product that is specifically designed for bonding and sealing various materials, including glass, metal, and plastics. It provides a strong and durable bond while also acting as an effective sealant. Permatex adhesive sealant is widely used in automotive applications, including windshield installations and repairs.

Why Should You Use Permatex Adhesive Sealant on Windshields?

1. Enhanced Bonding Strength: Permatex adhesive sealant offers superior bonding strength, ensuring that the windshield stays securely in place, even under extreme conditions such as high-speed driving or rough terrain. This eliminates the risk of the windshield popping out or shifting during sudden impacts.

2. Increased Structural Integrity: Windshields contribute significantly to a vehicle's overall structural integrity. By using Permatex adhesive sealant, the glass is firmly bonded to the vehicle's body, providing necessary support and rigidity, especially during accidents or rollovers. This adds an extra layer of safety for the driver and passengers.

3. Excellent Sealing Properties: Permatex adhesive sealant acts as an efficient sealant, preventing water, moisture, and other external factors from seeping into the windshield's edges. This safeguards against potential damage caused by rust or corrosion, which can compromise the windshield's overall strength and clarity.

4. Improved Noise and Vibrations Reduction: Permatex adhesive sealant helps dampen noise and vibrations that can penetrate the windshield, making the driving experience quieter and more comfortable. This is particularly beneficial for long trips or highways where road noise can be overwhelming.

5. Long-lasting Solution: Permatex adhesive sealant is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and environmental contaminants, ensuring that the windshield remains intact and securely bonded over an extended period. This eliminates the need for frequent repairs or replacements, saving both time and money.

Applying Permatex Adhesive Sealant on Windshields:

Before applying Permatex adhesive sealant, make sure to have the necessary safety equipment such as safety goggles and gloves. Follow the steps below for the correct application:

Step 1: Prepare the surface - Ensure that the windshield's edges are clean, free from any dirt, grease, or old adhesive residues. Use a suitable cleaning agent to remove any contaminants thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply masking tape - To protect the windshield and adjacent areas from excess sealant and possible damage, apply masking tape along the edges of the glass and the vehicle's body.

Step 3: Apply the adhesive sealant - Using a caulk gun, evenly apply a thin bead of Permatex adhesive sealant along the windshield's bonding surface. Make sure to start from the bottom and work your way up. Avoid excessive application as it may cause squeeze-out and difficulty in controlling the amount of adhesive.

Step 4: Press and secure the windshield - Carefully press the windshield onto the adhesive sealant, ensuring proper alignment. Apply steady pressure to allow the sealant to spread evenly and fill any potential gaps.

Step 5: Remove excess sealant - Once the windshield is securely in place, remove the excess sealant using a plastic scraper, ensuring a neat and clean finish. Allow the sealant to cure as per the manufacturer's instructions.


Using Permatex adhesive sealant on windshields is a wise choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting, secure, and well-sealed windshield. Its excellent bonding strength, sealing properties, and noise reduction capabilities make it an ideal choice for both automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts. By following the correct application process, you can ensure a firm and reliable windshield that contributes significantly to your safety and driving experience.


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