Liquida clavi sealant (non magis clavi)
 GORVIA No more nails  

GORVIA No More Nails(Liquid Nails) is a versatile general purpose construction adhesive suitable for bonding a wide variety of building materials and it is a gunnable, synthetic rubber-based adhesive which exhibits excellent green strength, flexibility, good temperature resistance and good slump resistance for use in both interior and exterior applications. 

Liquid Nails



Adhesion between materials such as,

①Wood to wood assembly;

②Metal joints to limber ;

③Lumber and treated lumber;


⑤Pre-finished panel;

⑥Bathroom fixtures;

⑦Fiberglass shower enclosures;

⑧Metal, brick, plaster, masonry, concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, particleboard etc.

Fast Grab Heavy Duty Interior                    
  • ●  Solvent-free

    ●  Low odour

    ●  Easy to gun, easy to apply

    ●  Fast grab

    ●  Bridges gaps

    ●  Strong, durable bond
    ●  Interior & Exterior applications

Exterior Adhesive No More Nail Liquid Nails Sealant

  • ●  Can be painted

    ●  Water and weather-resistant
    ●  Instant holding power
    ●  Polystyrene Safe

    ●  Environmentally friendly
    ●  Bonds to wide variety of construction and building materials

Outstanding quality

High strength adhesive that eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs. 

Provides support for heavier objects and adheres to most building materials. Easy to paint over.

Multiple purposes and applications

All the wood, Metal, brick, plaster, masonry, concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, particleboard etc.

Various benefits and advantages


Light Odor

Easy to gun, easy to apply

Fast grab

Bridges gaps

Strong, durable bond

Interior & Exterior applications

Can be Painted

Water and weather-resistant

Instant holding power

Polystyrene Safe

Environmentally Friendly

Bonds to wide variety of construction and building materials

The instruction of no more nail

Before use the liquid nail, make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free of dust and oil.

1. Cut the threaded nozzle.

2. Install the nozzle.

3. Extrude with a sealed gun at a distance of 40 cm apart.

4. Then press both sides tightly.


  • Q. Can I buy it for my building structural construction?
    No, the liquid nail is a structural adhesive, it could not be substitute of the true structural adhesive. The no more nail adhesive is for something you want to bond it to somewhere, it is one of the alternatives of metallic nail or for bonding between building materials. Although it is multiple purpose, normally it is only the aspect of daily use.
  • Q. What kind of materials and condition are not recommended to no more nail?
    Recommended Uses:
    General Purpose construction adhesive.
    As a contact adhesive for the installation of wall and floor panels.
    Metal, timber & other sheets of plan materials to concrete, plaster or other rigid surfaces.
    Most bonding applications where high strength, gap filling one component adhesive is required.
    Timber, metal, cementitious and plaster sheets to timber or metal studs.
    Installation of battens or other fixings to brick, masonry or concrete walls.
    Bonding between materials such as:
    Wood to wood assembly;
    Metal joints to limber;
    Lumber and treated lumber
    Pre-finished panel
    Bathroom fixtures;
    Fiberglass shower enclosures;
    Metal, brick, plaster, masonry, concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, particleboard etc.
    Suitable to use on foamed polystyrene.
  • Q. What certifications does the product have? What test reports are there?
    Our liquid nail had TDS certification.
    Most of company's products have passed the national and relevant environmental protection, transportation and other reports are basically complete, such as MSDS, ROHS, REACH, etc., and passed the acute oral toxicity test (LD50 non-toxic test) of the Institute of Preventive Medicine The highest level of mold detection is 0, that is, the company's products meet the national "Drinking Water Hygiene Standards"..
  • Q. Do you provide any customized or OEM service?
    Of course, yes, we would offer OEM service based on our customer’s requirements, also, if you are interested in this product but want other size or volume we don’t exhibit of our products, we would make you a solution after negotiated, all of these will available within the scope of our capabilities, please contact us without any hesitation.
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