The product stands out for its reliability. It adopts high-performance components and insulation materials and is designed with a solid housing.


1.Could you provide me with the best price?
Dear customer, we are so glad that you are on our market, it is reasonable for a smart purchaser to make a comparison about price, nevertheless, we have our production facilities, which is the source of the most stable quality control. In addition, strictly abide by the lead time so as not to disrupt your plan, we are always looking forward to an eminent long-term corporation, we believe that trust is the foundation of the business.
2.I want to entrust you to help me with OEM/ODM production, what should I do?
Thank you for your inquiry. Firstly, you should confirm the product you want to purchase with our staff. After the price was settled down, we have complete and professional technical support to help you with your product design, this lead time depends on the number of days of guarantee that we estimate after negotiation, normally 20-50 days; Then, according to your quantity, under normal circumstances, it will be put into production after receiving the corresponding advance payment, and the final payment will be delivered. To ensure fairness, we will follow the order of the order. If there is a special circumstance, we will discuss it separately.We would protect the privacy of every customer and never use it to reproduce for another customer.
3.What kind of benefits I will have if I choose you?
In Gorcci we always focus on one-stop shopping, which means no matter how large scale your business develops, we could always be the most reliable supplier of yours all the time. Based on our various product types, these experiences made our sales team own unique market sense so that we could compare, divide and clarify different products for you and make you the best purchase solution according to the current market.Meanwhile, our products have a quality similar to those of famous large brands but remove that part of the premium, which makes our price very reasonable, if you are looking for a trustworthy business partner but still feel hesitant, please contact us at ease.


1.Our customers are strong national and international brands that serve the construction, anchoring, and adhesives markets. We build trust through our uncompromising commitment to helping our customers achieve immediate, long-lasting success which is why our products have been chosen by prestigious brands from around the world.
2.We are dedicated to providing you with one-stop procurement services. Not only are we backed by excellent equipment, but we will also provide you with unparalleled assistance in customs clearance of shipments. Gorcci has a freight forwarder that has cooperated for many years, and has strong customs clearance capabilities and handling emergencies. Therefore, when you fully deliver the order to us, we have the confidence to bear all the accidents that will occur during the transportation of the goods.
3.Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you in selecting the right protection for your application as well as to provide you with samples of our products for evaluation. At Gorcci, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, speedy delivery, and a comprehensive, cutting-edge product offering. Our products follow the standard of the main certification in the world, each of them could pass the test. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.
4.Adhesives are our specialty, we’ve been producing our extensive range of products since 2007, driven by innovation and committed to quality and reliability, we provide a wide and diverse range of innovative adhesive solutions for our customers.


Gorcci International Limited is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in producing and exporting one-component spray polyurethane foam (PU foam), silicone sealant, and relevant tooling products. Our products have been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions. To meet the different needs of our valuable customers, besides serving PU foam, silicone sealants, foam guns/pistols, and caulking guns under the GORVIA brand, we can also provide OEM and ODM services according to customers' different requirements and samples. As a professional manufacturer, we pay much attention to quality control. To ensure good quality products, we have set up a complete quality control system. To serve our customers with advanced products, we have a professional and effective team in our R&D center. We have established a long-term and steady partnership with quite a few famous companies in the world to ensure the exchange of the latest research and development technology and the provision of high-quality raw materials, all of which make us be able to provide the latest and high-quality products for customers. With an efficient service team, prompt response, fast delivery, and thoughtful after-sales services, our markets spread worldwide with rapid growth.
Product details

Spray paint is a convenient and easy-to-use tinting repair tool. Whether it is repairing car surfaces, renovating exterior walls, or decorating interiors or small objects, it is a very good choice. 

Due to its convenience and excellent adhesion, spray paint is a very popular product. The GORVIA spray paint is made of fast-drying high-quality acrylic and advanced paint making technology. 

It is easy to use, conspicuous in color, durable in color, and the quality is much higher than that of the same type of products.

Variety of color cards, match as you like

We own four types of spray paint with various color, basic color, metallic sparkie color, super metallic color and chrome color, you could find whatever combination you want to finish your mind.

Multiple purposes and applications

All the wood, Metal, brick, plaster, masonry, concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, particleboard etc.

Difference between different type of spray paint

Normal color type

It belongs to the quick-drying thermoplastic acrylic series. The paint dries quickly, the paint film is full, the hardness, adhesion, gloss, flexibility, impact resistance and other comprehensive characteristics are excellent, the color is rich and gorgeous, the decoration effect is excellent, and it has excellent protection function.
High temperature resistant type
It belongs to the silicone resin series, with good spray atomization and high ejection rate. It can be quickly surface-dried at room temperature, and the performance will reach the best after 2 hours. High temperature does not fade, does not peel off, and can be heat-resistant for a long time below 300 ℃, and keep the paint film performance intact.
Metallic glitter
It is formulated with high-grade synthetic resin and has excellent comprehensive physical properties such as hardness, adhesion, flexibility, paint fullness and so on. Under the illumination of the light source, the metal of the paint film has an excellent reflective effect, an excellent decorative effect, and an excellent protective function.

Fluorescent color

The performance of covering the substrate is poor, so before spraying, the white primer must be used first, and the substrate can be sprayed after the substrate is completely dry.
Plating color
Chrome-plated, gold-plated, zinc-plated, silver-plated, etc., because this product is an imitation electroplating aerosol paint, it needs to be constructed in an environment free of dust, temperature 10-30 ℃, humidity 30-70%.
(Other varieties can still be constructed outside this temperature range, but the construction method needs to be adjusted)
The painting has a strong metal mirror effect, and the surface is easily damaged. It is not suitable for parts that are frequently rubbed and collided, and the surface is not suitable for varnishing.
Texture type
It belongs to the fast-drying alkyd type. The paint film has a bumpy hammer effect. It is widely used in the coating of various metals, surface-treated wood, glass, ceramics and other substrates, such as anti-theft doors and windows, power tools, and mechanical part and craft.

Suitable temperature and humidity

Best temperature 10-30℃, humidity 30-70%
If the temperature is more than 30℃, it can be closer, and the spraying speed will be slower to slow down the volatilization speed of the organic solvent and make the leveling effect more ideal.
If the temperature is less than 10℃, soak the spray paint in warm water of about 50℃ for 3-5 minutes, increase the internal pressure, and make the atomization effect more ideal. When spraying, the distance is slightly farther, and the speed is a little faster, so that it is not easy to sag.
When the one-time spraying is not finished, the tank body should be turned upside down, and the nozzle should be pressed down until the gas is sprayed for 3 seconds. Clean the channel to avoid clogging and make the next use smooth, so as to achieve the best use effect.
Shake well
Shake up and down and left and right at a 45-degree oblique angle for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
(Do not use force to avoid breaking glass beads, blocking nozzles, etc.)
The distance is about 20-30 cm, using the "sweeping" spraying method or the "left and right back and forth" spraying method(Never "straight line" or "point-to-point" spraying method).
Generally, spray back and forth once or twice, pause for about 8-10 minutes, and then spray for the second time.
Follow the method of "Spray fewer multiple times" and spray 2-3 times to achieve the best results.


  • Q. Could I customized the color if there is no color I want on the color card?
    Yes, our technology department will provide you this service all the time, you could provide us with the color card of what color you want and the related sample, we would give it to the factory and make the color for you.
  • Q. May I get some samples firstly?
    I am afraid that will be difficult, because the spray paint is made of pressure tank, according to the transportation laws and regulations, it could not delivery by air but only by sea with whole container, if you want to test our quality of product, you could send the material which you want to make as sample, then give us your thoughts, we will test it based on your idea then sent it back, all this process will be free but delivery cost.
  • Q. Why do the same 400ml bottles have different net weights?
    This is customized for customers with different needs. First of all, the reason why the tank capacity is the same(400ml) is because if the spray paint is filled with a large capacity tank, the remaining paint cannot be sprayed out due to insufficient pressure at the end of use, so we have customized spray paints with different weights for customers, this means how much paint is in it. If it is a one-time use of large areas, it is recommended that you buy heavier ones. If you are only used for small area repairs, then lighter spray paint is more suitable for you. The price also rises and falls accordingly, so there is no need to worry about the price/performance ratio. In addition, according to different types, the raw materials for making spray paint are also different. We have traces of the pricing reasons for each product. Please feel free to buy.
  • Q. Do you provide any customized or OEM service?
    Of course, yes, we would offer OEM service based on our customer’s requirements, also, if you are interested in this product but want other size or volume we don’t exhibit of our products, we would make you a solution after negotiated, all of these will available within the scope of our capabilities, please contact us without any hesitation.

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We are offering various kinds of sealants/glues/adhesives for both construction projects and industry fields as well as DIY home use.


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