With the help of our technicians and workers,Shanghai Gorcci Sealing Material Co., Limited has finally developed the quality-guaranteed product. The product is called GORVIA fast curing time wood glue. The product is endowed with stable and multi-functional performance. It is mainly used in the application field(s) of Adhesives & Sealants. Shanghai Gorcci Sealing Material Co., Limited will provide high-quality services, and bring customers a better experience. In this way, the company can continue to strengthen its future strength in technological innovation and strive to create complete products Ecological chain.

CAS No.:4253-34-3Other Names:wood glue glue
MF:mixtureEINECS No.:224-221-9
Place of Origin:Shanghai, ChinaClassification:Other Adhesives
Main Raw Material:sealantUsage:Construction, Packing, Transportation, Woodworking, Wood Multi Components
Brand Name:GORVIAModel Number:Item-W307
Type:wood glueFeature:fast curing time, non staining

Product Description
Water-based environmental adhesive
* Fast drying, good initial adhesion and good operability
*  Strong adhesion, high compressive resistance
Product Photography
Polyvinyl acetate Emulsion --PVA Glue ( wood White Glue)
1.Chemical Properties
Aqueous Product
It is widely used for bonding paper product, wood, handicraft, leather and so on. This product is popular in decoration and furniture industry. It is also used as raw material to make other polymers .
PVA Glue is a rubbery synthetic polymer with the formula (C4H6O2)n. It belongs to the polyvinyl esters family with the general formula. It is a type of thermoplastic.
Good initial viscidity, strong bonding strength; Fast drying;
Pleasent smell, eco-friendly;
5.Technical Index
Solid Content: 30~50%
Ph: 4.5~5.5
6.Directions for Use and Precautions
Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease and wax . Shake well before use.Only apply to one surface.
Press surfaces together while adhesive is still wet and clamp(Approximately 2-4 hours in normal conditions).
Remove excess glue with a cloth. Greater bond strength is achieved when dried overnight.
7.Storage and Transportation
Store in a dry, shady and cool place, stored temperature should between 5~40 degrees. The valid 
storage period is six months. After six month, it should be tested before use.
The product is aqueous emulsion, non-dangerous, can be transported as non-dangerous products.
How to use it
1. Before applying glue, ensure that the cementing surface is clean, dry and free from pollution. Oil, wax, and some chemicals (such as silica gel) will prevent the glue from penetrating into the wood. Dust and water can affect the bonding of the cemented surface or reduce the strength of the glue. 2. Gluing problem: The less the better, a thin layer of glue (thickness slightly less than a piece of paper) can form a strong bond between two pieces of wood. If the glue is too thick, it will be counterproductive and it will change the bonding force. weak. In addition, you can find that the glue at this node is not firm until after the glue is completed and used for a period of time. 3. For the long side bonding, to ensure the bonding effect, the entire long side must be tightly matched. Do not rely on pliers to make the boards joined together strongly, because the bonding points will bear too much stress and eventually the glue will be opened. 4. The operating time is about 10 minutes, and the high temperature and dry environment will make the glue dry faster (it can't be used at low temperature, generally not recommended for construction below 8-13°C). For the combination of complex components (many bonding points need to be assembled at the same time), the operating time of the glue must be considered. Sometimes you have to decompose a complex construction into several parts and assemble them separately. 5. After bonding, there will be some excess glue near the bonding point, which is normal. You can scrape it off with a chisel or putty knife after the glue has cured for 20 minutes. Do not wipe off with a damp cloth when it is not dry, especially wood with open wood grains, which will cause residual glue to seep into the surrounding wood pores, and it is difficult to show up before painting, but wait for the paint to remedy It's very troublesome. 6. The curing time is about 1 hour, and it takes more than 24 hours to fully cure, so do not move the adhesive during this time.
Our Company
Gorcci International Limited has been devoting ourselves in producing one-component spray polyurethane foam (PU foam), silicone, sealant, PU sealant, liquid nail, acrylic sealant, gasket maker, MS polymer etc. We are offering various kinds of sealants/glues/adhesives for both construction projects and industry fields as well as DIY home use. Meanwhile, PU foam guns, caulking guns and relative tools, spray paints together with car care products are also available from us with extraordinary qualities and competitive prices under GORVIA brand.
Efficient service team, prompt response, fast delivery time, thoughtful after-sale concern, and experienced exportation management, Gorcci International Limited was, is and will always be your long-term partner in Shanghai China!

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By mid 2020, we have been successfully exported to nearly 80 countries all around the world.
To meet various needs of our valuable customers, we also provide OEM/private label and ODM service upon designed requirements and

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During our past 15 years exporting experiences with customers, we save every hour to shorten the lead time, we think from everyangle to cut unnecessary cost, we alert every possibility to lower our customers’ risk, we try every effort to make yourMade-in-China products worthwhile!
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