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CAS No.:7085-85-0Other Names:pu foam
MF:nEINECS No.:230-391-5
Place of Origin:Shanghai, ChinaClassification:Double Components Adhesives
Main Raw Material:MDIUsage:Construction, Packing, Transportation, Woodworking
Brand Name:GORVIAModel Number:Item-B2
Type:pu foamColor:Light Yellow
Weight:900gPacking:12 Pcs/carton
MOQ:6000 pcsOEM:Acceptable

PU Foam-B2
It is mainly used for filling, sealing and bonding at the side joints of building doors and windows, expansion joints of components and holes.
It is a polyurethane elastic sealing foam material that depends on moisture curing.
Product Name
PU foam
Foam color
Foam color
Track free
Cut through
Fully Curing time
Fire Rating
Processing Temperature
5°C ~35 °C
Cured Foam Temperature Endurance
-40 °C ~+ 110°C
Shelf Life
12 months
How to use it
1.Storage conditions
★ Polyurethane foam storage environment is 5 ~ 27 ℃, avoid low temperature storage, so as to prevent normal use in the later period.
2. External conditions
★ The effect of temperature
The use temperature of polyurethane foam is 5 ~ 35 ℃, the best use temperature is 21 ~ 25 ℃, foaming and solidification will slow down in severe cold and low temperature environment.
★ The effect of humidity
The use humidity of polyurethane foam is 30 ~ 80%, and the optimal use humidity is 45 ~ 55%. In dry and low temperature
environment, the foaming internal curing will be slower and the cell density will be lower.
3. Pay attention to the use process.
★ Pre-heat treatment
Under severe cold winter conditions, if the temperature of the polyurethane foam tank is too low or it is frozen during storage, it should be pre-heated before use. The treatment method is hot water (water temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃) for water bath heating. After its internal materials return to normal temperature before use, so as not to cause abnormal foaming state.
★ Shake processing
Prior to use, the polyurethane foam filler should be thoroughly shaken to ensure that the internal materials are mixed uniformly. Under low temperature conditions in winter, the internal material viscosity will increase, and the propellant gas will be difficult to gasify. It is necessary to fully shake before use to avoid a problem occurs that the foaming agent cannot be used normally.
★ Sprinkling problem:
If the humidity of the construction environment is extremely low and particularly dry, a small amount of water mist should be sprayed inside the gap during use to ensure that there is sufficient moisture to react after the blowing agent is blown out, so as to avoid insufficient internal reaction and slow curing speed Hollow question.
★ The cured polyurethane foam is a polyurethane product. The surface of the polyurethane products will be powdered and brittle at low temperature. This phenomenon is common to polyurethane products and is not a product quality problem. Over time, this pulverization phenomenon will gradually disappear, and even return to a normal state, which will not affect the use. The speed of the state transition time is related to the actual temperature of the actual use environment. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time, usually after curing. The normal state can be restored in ~ 72 hours. During this period, do not press and cut the surface of the foaming agent to avoid damage to the cell structure and the foaming agent cannot return to normal.
Product Application
Door and window installation
Sealant and fixed bonding between doors and windows and walls
Advertising model
Model, sand table production, display board repair
Sound insulation
Studio and other decoration gap fill, can play the role of sound insulation
Flower arrangement, gardening
Daily maintenance
Hole, gap, wall tile, floor tile, floor repair.
Waterproof plugging
Water pipe, sewer and other holes repair, plugging
Packing & Delivery
12PCS/CTN, Carton Size: 275mm*210mm*355mm, 0.02CBM/CTN One 20feet container: 16200PCS/1350CTNS without pallets
Company Profile
Shanghai Gorcci Sealing Material Limited is a high tech enterprise that is specialized in producing and exporting one-component spray polyurethane foam (PU foam), silicone sealant and relevant tooling products. Our products have been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions. To meet different needs of our valuable customers, besides serving PU foam, silicone sealants, foam guns/pistols and caulking guns under GORVIA brand, we can also provide OEM and ODM services according to customers' different requirements and samples. As a professional manufacturer, we pay much attention to quality control. To ensure good quality products, we have set up a complete quality control system. In order to serve our customers with advanced products, we have a professional and effective team in our R&D center. We have established long-term and steady partnership with quite a few famous companies in the world to ensure the exchange of the latest research and development technology and the provision of high quality raw materials, all of which make us be able to provide the latest and high quality products for customers. With an efficient service team, prompt response, fast delivery and thoughtful after-sales services, our markets spread worldwide with a rapid growth.
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